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Poker - Theory of the Game

Poker Theory is the application of mathematically arrived conclusions based on available information. Unfortunately in Poker, unlike a game like chess, not all information is available; consequently, many of the best mathematical calculations are not rewarded by a win, at least in the short run.

In Poker it is not unusual to see a player profess his superior intellectual capacity and knowledge of game poker game theory to all who will listen and then get beaten soundly by  (according to him) a player with significantly less brain power.

This brings us to the question of intellectual ability as a factor in poker. While there is no doubt that there is probably more brain power collectively in poker than any other popular sport and that it is highly unlikely any top professional could survive without superior intellect; there is obviously more to a true poker professional than mere intelligence.

So what are the not so obvious qualities you need as a top poker player? Some of the top players have often defined the most important quality to achieve Top player status is "having Heart" or "courage."  We tend to agree with this as we have seen many an intellectual giant fall prey to bad beats or been bluffed away from a pot by someone with a few less I.Q. points, but a lot more heart.

We don't mean to devalue the many other important qualities you need to stay on top; however, Heart or courage definitely is the critical ingredient of a top player.

Our site aims to help players learn to win at poker, but before you can win at poker, you need to learn how to play poker! Poker isn't some sort of widget that comes with easy to assemble instructions. There are a wide variety of games with different rules (and strategies). There are even different betting structures (like Limit versus No Limit) and different game formats (like normal "ring" games versus tournaments).For which you'll have to go through the other related reviews to get completely trained to play poker & and reach the winning heights.


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