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Poker Termanoligy

Action: The betting within a poker hand. If you bet first, you are starting the action. Games described as having a lot of action have a lot of betting.

All-In: To place all of the chips you have on the table into the pot.

Bankroll: The amount of money you have available with which to play poker over a particular period of time.

Bottom Pair: Having a pair containing the lowest card on the board.

Community Cards: Cards placed in the middle of the table and shared by all players.

Drawing Dead: Drawing to a hand that, even if it hits, will lose to a hand that is already better.

Favorite: To have the best chance to win.

Heads-Up: Playing against a single opponent.

Limit: The set amount or amounts that may be bet, often expressed as 5/10 ($5 bets on the first two rounds and $10 bets thereafter).

Limp-In: To enter a hand with a call before the flop.

Middle Pair: To have a pair containing the second highest card on the board.

Outs: Cards that can come that will improve your hand.

Position: Your place in the order of betting action. If you act first, you are in first position.

Quads: Four of a kind (such as four aces).

Rake: The amount a card room takes from each pot, usually a percentage that has a set upper limit.

Seat Charge: The amount of money some card rooms charge per hour to play in addition to, or in place of, a rake.

Trips: Three of a kind (such as three queens).

Under the Gun:
The first person who must act on the first round of betting.

Wired Pair: When your hole cards contain a pair.


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