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Get the best poker book reviews online from the Prestige Poker website. Here you will find a list of our top recommended poker books you should read:

Poker Books Recommended

Super System by Doyle Bruson

Super System was originally published under the title How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker in 1978. Since then, the game of poker has changed quite a bit since then. While the basic fundamentals are still the same, the game is played quite a bit differently (The small blind, big blind system being one example), which changes some of the strategy. Despite all that, this book still has some good poker advice.

The book consists of separate sections on a variety of poker games. For each of these games, Brunson has recruited an expert, with Brunson writing the section on Texas Hold'em. The book goes through and explains fairly in depth, five different variations of poker: Draw, Stud, High-Low Stud, Lowball, and Hold'em. Some of these forms of poker have a number of variations that are touched upon in the book, for example: The Lowball section covers Ace-to-Five, Deuce-to-Seven, and Seven-Card Low. Each of these sections contains a discussion about the rules and strategies. Strategies covered include range from good starting hands, to when to raise or fold, to bluffing, to the psychology of the game. There is information for both beginners as well as expert players.

Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein

Before we talk about the book Ace on the River , let's talk a little about the author, who is an interesting figure alongside the book. Though small statured and unassuming compared to more eccentric and charismatic poker personalities, many people actually know who Barry Greenstein is. From the years 2003 to 2004, Barry Greenstein won seven professional tourneys, including televised WPT events as well as claiming a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Originally, Barry Greenstein was writing a chapter that would be part of the introduction to Doyle Brunson?s Super System 2. Brunson only asked for about 20 pages and Barry came back with 100 pages. Doyle thought it was very good and said, ?re-write a shorted version of the manuscript or publish all of it as a book.? Barry went the latter route and Ace on the River is the result.

How Ace on the River is Different

There are many poker guide books, many which deal with the general principles and foundations of poker, i.e. starting hands, strategy and table position. Ace on the River tries to address other areas of the game. Foremost, it is an introductory book into real life experiences of being a professional player from the eyes of Barry Greenstein. Greenstein?s book has an emphasis on helping professional poker players as well as those who are aspiring to become professionals. Whether you are thinking about going pro or not, Ace on the River is still a very interesting read.

Welcome to the Poker World

In the first part of Ace on the River, Barry details the evolution of his career as a professional player. From the early beginnings of learning poker from his parents to his eventual success at the WPT and the World Series of Poker, the book tells of the many hardships and pitfalls that Barry experienced along the way. While not giving away too much, Barry interjects a number of personal stories, many which are very insightful as well as humorous. Along with his poker career, Ace on the River discusses the different aspects of the poker world, such as the different types of characters that one would encounter as well as etiquette in and around the casinos. The advice isn't as much tips, but life skills for the poker pro in keeping the games good as well as protecting yourself.

Ace on the River also talks about game theory and how it applies to bluffing, which is a worthwhile read. One of the most useful parts of the book for the intermediate to advanced player however, is the chapter on play lessons, where Barry gives players a look into the type of strategy that he uses while at the table. Greenstein sets up different types of hand scenarios to demonstrate some of the types of plays he would make in the game.

Review Conclusion for Ace on the River

Whether or not you are a pro or casual gamer, Ace on the River is a can be a good book to add to your colection. The book has some technical theory in it, but most of it is basic strategies that you can find in any other poker books (a fact that Greenstein states in his introduction). It seems as if Greenstein?s main goal is to show a greater perspective on the game, to give those aspiring to be professionals a glimpse at the true life of a poker professional (albeit, one at the highest stakes of the game). If Greenstein is on the draw for Ace on the River to show the game of poker through his eyes, it looks like he caught it. The book gets 4-stars for being unique, fun and easy to read.

Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky

One thing we''ve noticed after reading many poker books by David Sklansky, is that they all follow the same basic outline. They basically play out as a poker game plays out. The books start by giving players information about which hands to play, and what to do with the hole cards you get. The books then go on to talk about in great detail, as in this book, or in lesser detail as in Hold'em Poker the strategy behind the rest of the game: after the flop, on the turn, on the river, playing heads up, large games, small games, loose games, tight games, and much more. Sklansky basically covers every possible situation you will run into in a game of poker.

Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players, of course, is no different. In it, Sklansky and Malmuth take an in-depth look at every aspect of Texas hold'em and analyze it from an expert point of view.

Overall, Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players is one of the best books for experienced hold'em players looking to bring their game up to the next level. It's a wealth of excellent information that should never be overlooked. We'll recommend it to experienced players looking to improve their skills.


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